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MYOR FLEX per boa MYOR FLEX per boa

MYOR FLEX for buoy

Other info
  • MYOR FLEX for BUOY is flexible and soft therefore nothing happens if you move against FLEX.
  • After having secured the FLEX hook to the bitt of the boat, it can be launched or positioned inside the grate with the boat hook. The hook rotates automatically preventing accidental release.
  • No changes to the buoy are necessary.
  • FLEX for BUOY connects to the buoy by means of a shackle that couples the four arms to the stem, and the stem to the ring by using a shackle.
  • Connect the regular mooring ropes between the MYOR grate and the buoy, adding buoys to the ropes in order to facilitate the grip with the boat hook.
  • The red buoy in the picture is illustrative only and not included in the MYOR FLEX kit.
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